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Date Posted: July 1st 2015

We are not here to talk about the ancient Greek drama. We will not explore the ancient Greek culture and way of life. We will just bring the news from a drama that it is been unfold in Greece.

After 2010, Greece has been in an economic turmoil that its citizen never saw before. It is not just the difficult economic situation; it’s also the anomalies that this crisis has created.

From the extreme far right party of “Golden Dawn” to caricature politicians, yelling and screaming on television about how “right” they are.

The ones responsible bringing the country in this difficult economic situation, are now appearing on television trying to convince the people of Greece that they are the one who will save them.

My goal through this page is to show to the rest of the world how today Greece is, and how this experiment on the country has changed its people, its culture and its way of life.

Welcome to the Greek Drama!

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