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Rumors for a possible “terrorist” hit in Athens!

Date posted: 4th August 2015

If you live in Greece, or if you following the Greek economic crisis you would probably have heard rumors for a possible terrorist hit in Greece having Troika as a target. Those rumors started some days before the arrival of Troika in Athens. In the beginning, I didn’t pay too much attention because we the […]


Where is the real Alexis Tsipras ?

Date posted: 30th July 2015

Yesterday (July 29) the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras gave a 2-hour interview to the radio station named “Sto Kokkino” that means “In the Red”. This station is owned by the political party of Syriza, the political party of Alexis Tsipras. However, I need to point out the exceptional journalistic ethic of the journalist Kostas […]


Suddenly the Greek Media found the one responsible for the mess in Greece

Date posted: 25th July 2015

The past couple of days I wanted to express my opinion about Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek ex-Minister. I didn’t write anything because I wanted to see how much, and what kind of propaganda the Greek media will use in order to transfer the entire blame for the Greek economy from the old political personnel to […]


It’s a difficult political summer for Greece

Date posted: 21st July 2015

The sun, the beach and the blue crystal clear sea, those are the elements for a beautiful summer in Greece. The best thing about those elements is the fact that they are for free, and they are free for all Greeks, no matter their place in the Greek society. In a Greek beach, everyone looks […]


Tsipras reshuffles government, did he won some extra time?

Date posted: 17th July 2015

Today (July 17) between major fires in Greece, Alexis Tsipras announced the new line up for his government, he simply couldn’t go on with the members who voted against his will for an agreement with Troika. This is something that anyone can accept, but his choices are showing that he probably has early elections in […]


Mr. Schauble still inspires the Greek people

Date posted: 16th July 2015

The Greeks are very well known for their humor, even in hard times they can find a way to joke about it. I believe this is giving them strength to continue with the hard life in Greece. However, anyone can understand how much more anti-euro and anti-german the Greeks are getting. A fisherman from Mitilini, […]


More austerity measures, more deformation of the political scene

Date posted: 15th July 2015

The new agreement between the Greek government and the Troika has passed through the Parliament. The austerity measures for which the Greek people voted no they will start to be implemented. You can feel the disappointment in the country. Even those who had voted and routed for an agreement with the Troika, they are now […]


The Greeks are getting inspired by the German politicians

Date posted: 14th July 2015

It is true that the German politicians have a great influence on the Greek people. The owner of a funeral home in Agrinio decided to rebrand his business with the name of the German Minister of Economics. He believes that the name of Mr. Schauble matches perfectly with the business of a funeral home. However, […]


Europe – Democracy, No More – Logic, No More

Date posted: 13th July 2015

July 12th will be marked in Europe as the day when Democracy and Logic died. The Greek government after months of negotiations came to an agreement with its creditors. An agreement the Greeks never wanted. The Greek people on July 5th they voted ‘No’ in a referendum asking them if they want to accept the […]


Did Tsipras betray the Greek people?

Date posted: 10th July 2015

On Sunday, July 5th, the Greeks voted in a referendum, deciding if they will accept the austerity measures of the creditors or no. The people of Greece voted ‘No’ in a massive way. However, the Greek Prime Minister, after a couple of hours he accepted the austerity measures of the creditors with just some adjustments. Did Alexis […]


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