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Past Due Taxes – Bomb ready to explode in Greece

Date posted: 9th February 2020

Since the beginning of the Greek crisis, the amount of past-due taxes has been skyrocketed. Back in 2010, there were 40 billion euros of past-due taxes, today after 10 years into the crisis, this amount has been exploded to more than 105 billion while at the same time Greece’s GDP is at 185 billion euros. […]


Greek Bond Up! Greek Economy Down.

Date posted: 31st January 2020

Last Friday, the Fitch rating agency upgraded the Greek bond by one notch to BB with a positive outlook. I am totally fine with the upgrade to BB. Fitch can justify this rating by basically saying that the majority of the Greek bonds are in the hands of the ESM and EBU, so they are […]


More Greeks cannot pay their taxes, but more Greeks are optimistic!!!

Date posted: 3rd January 2018

If we believe the results of the latest polls in Greece, more Greeks are feeling optimistic about the future. However, in the real world, more Greeks cannot pay their taxes. Prior to 2010, the unpaid amount of taxes in Greece was around 30 billion euros. Today this number has been skyrocketed to almost 100 billion euros. […]


Happy 2060!!!

Date posted: 6th December 2016

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something in this blog. This is because I am feeling that I am writing the same things over and over again. But, how can I write something different when my country is living the same days, the same “victories”, the same “successes” of the Greek […]


The Brexit Night – A night to remember!

Date posted: 14th July 2016

I will never forget the Brexit night, the night where the British people decided to leave the European Union. I will never forget it, not so much because of the decision its self, but for the reactions of the Greek politicians, journalists and all of those who are being fed by the establishment. In the […]


Now, anything is possible!

Date posted: 11th June 2016

More of the same failed recipe. More of the same failed program for Greece. It’s real to wonder, what are they looking for? After 6 years of failed policy, after 6 years of the failed austerity, they are forcing Greece to follow more of this. When will they stop? When they will understand that they […]


Troika, Madness without End!

Date posted: 6th April 2016

Last night (April 5, 2016), the German counselor Mrs. Angela Merkel met with the Director of IMF Mrs. Christine Lagarde after Wikileaks published the dialogue between top officials of IMF. In this dialogue between Poul Thomsen and Delia Velkouleskou, we can clearly see the two officials talking about an ‘event’ that can push Greece to accept IMF’s […]


First Time Left – But Everything Seems The Same!

Date posted: 1st March 2016

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote about the situation in Greece. In fact, what can you say when you seeing the same movie over and over again? For example, one of my favorite movies is the “Social Network”. When I first saw that movie I had a lot to say about […]


Troubled Minds!

Date posted: 4th December 2015

The Greek Minister of Economy, Mr. Stathakis, it seems that he has forgotten to include 1.5mn euros and 38 properties in his tax filing. The President of Audit Committee in Parliament, Mr. Giorgos Varemenos announced that the source of assets declaration filed by the Minister of Economy, Mr. Giorgos Stathakis is being under scrutiny. Mr. […]


It’s a Greek Deja-Vu

Date posted: 27th November 2015

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 27, 2015) the Greek Prime Minister will meet the political leaders of all elected political parties, except the ‘Golden Dawn’ party. Mr Tsipras is looking for some extra help in passing through the Parliament the new austerity measures. He is looking for extra help because he knows that the new austerity measures are […]


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